Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Advertising 

1. Terms and Conditions for Advertising in Indian Military Review, Defence Quarterly, Defence Trade Directory & Buyer’s Guide, Show News Dailies, Show Reporter (Online) and Indian Defence Yearbook (referred hereinafter as ‘Publications’) are given in this section.

2. Insertion order for entries and advertisements will be accepted at the sole discretion of the Publishers, who may reject any insertion without assigning any reason.

3. IMR Media Pvt Ltd and IDYB Publications Pvt Ltd (hereinafter referred as the ‘Publisher’) may vary the date of publication of the print and online magazines at his discretion. 

4. The Publisher is not liable for any errors or omissions, which may occur in the insertion in the publication due to any reason. The Publishers liability is restricted to publishing a ‘make-good’ advertisement in the next possible issue of the publication, in case of substantial errors/ omissions.

5. The publisher is not liable for any loss accruing to the client as a result of acceptance of the Insertion Order and publication of the entries in the publications.

6. Free and Paid insertions in the Directory will be in single colour (Black & White). Free Entries are without Logo. The amount of information included in the Free Entry and Paid Entry may be restricted at the discretion of the Publisher.

7. One Free copy of the Directory will be provided by the Publisher to the client for paid entries or advertisements on publication. No free copy of the same will be provided to clients against Free Entries.

8. The Publisher shall have the right to require any alteration considered necessary or desirable in the context of an insertion or advertisement or to require any block or copy to be amended to meet the Publisher’s approval.

9. The Publisher accepts no responsibility for faulty printing due to defective advertising material supplied or for errors and omissions caused by circumstances beyond ordinary human control. 

10. The Publisher reserves the right to decline publication of copy or illustrations which would in its opinion disfigure the Publications or prejudice adjoining advertisements, as well refuse or suspend the publication of any advertisement without assigning reasons. 

11. The Publisher will accept no responsibility, whatsoever, for failure to publish advertisement, the copy and instructions for which are not received as stipulated by the Publisher. 

12. The Publisher will not be bound by notice of stop orders, cancellations, or change in special or specified positions after the last date of acceptance of entries and bookings of advertisements. Refunds will be made against cancellations received only before the publication of the entries/advts. after deducting 15% of the full rate as administrative charges.

13. It is understood that the Client, Advertiser or Advertising Agency submitting the entry or advertisement indemnifies the Publisher in respect of costs, damages or other charges falling upon the Publisher as result of legal actions or threatened legal actions arising form the publication of the entry and/or advertisement published in accordance with the copy instructions supplied by the Client, Advertiser or the Advertising Agency.

14. It is understood that the Insertion Order constitutes a warranty by the Client, Advertiser or Advertising Agency to the Publisher that they have secured all necessary authority and permission in respect of the use, in the entry/advertisement, of pictorial representation and all references to the words and symbol requiring such permission form person or entities.

15. In case of failure on the part of the Publisher to publish a confirmed and fully paid entry or advertisement due to fault on the part of the Publisher, refund will be made by the Publisher to the Client in Indian currency. For remittances made in the foreign currencies refund in foreign currency will be subjected to the Reserve Bank of India approval, for which the Publisher will make an application. In case of refusal by Reserve Bank of India any particular case, refund will be made in Indian currency.

16. The placing of an Insertion Order for an entry or advt shall amount to an acceptance of the above conditions. Any conditions stipulated on the Client's or his Agency's order form or elsewhere shall be void in so far as they are in conflict with these conditions.

17. Disputes will be subject to jurisdiction of New Delhi courts.




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