The readership of IDYB mainly covers important decision makers in the government, armed forces and defence industry. The results of the last readership survey carried out are shown here.

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INDIAN DEFENCE YEARBOOK contains analyses of defence and security issues, force structure, modernisation plans, defence cooperation with other countries, defence industry, military budget, weapon systems, para-military forces, who's who in the military and administrative matters. “Everything you ever wanted to know about Indian defence and security issues.”

“This compendium on the armed forces of India and of other countries is a storehouse of information. Perhaps, it's one of the rare annual journals that go beyond the armed forces to cover comprehensively India's paramilitary forces also. The hallmark of the book is the information and the data that it carries on the armed forces of India, China and Pakistan, including their defence development remains a valuable and a comprehensive source of reference material on matters related to defence and strategy. It is amalgam of a bit of everything that has anything to do with the armed forces. It is a well-produced book with wide-ranging information on varied subjects that can be a valuable reference material.”

“This Yearbook has an excellent overview of our national security, internal problems like insurgency, modernisation of the Armed Forces and the Kashmir problem. Special focus is on a meaningful review of our foreign relations, strategic alliances, military acquisitions, which bring to the reader the changing panorama of defence technology and acquisitions. The book has portrayed a realistic and comprehensive review of the armed forces of China, Pakistan and India with clear outline of their force structure, inventory and certain important developments in their modernisation. It lists out all the major weapons of the world with essential data as normally published in the world famous Jane's Weapons and Army's Books. An indispensable guide for all Armed Forces establishments and production units."

“The Indian Defence Yearbook, which is an annual digest of information and analysis of major defence and security issues and events... covers defence expenditure, defence technology developments, current conflicts and market intelligence. The yearbook discusses the progress made in defence research and development, weapon system introduction, force levels and related subjects, besides giving information on paramilitary forces and the Coast Guard. The yearbook gives a detailed coverage of India's strategic relations with Russia, the United States, Israel, France, South Africa and Britain and carries data on the force structures of the Chinese and Pakistani armed forces and their defence development projects."

"Everything you ever wanted to know about Indian defence and security issues.”



"In-depth coverage…an ideal possession" Brig VK Jain, Artillery Brigade Commander 

"Good value for money" Major MT Raju

"Reasonable advertising tariff" Mr P Surendranathan, Keltron Resistors Ltd

"Useful for defence industry" Mr Virender Singh, Punjab Recorders Ltd

"In step with latest developments…in-depth coverage and analysis…high credibility and authenticity." 

Deputy Commandant HH More, Coast Guard

"Economical advertising tariff" Mr D Ravi, Protrol Process Control

"Contains latest information on technology" Commanding Officer 16 Infantry Division Ordnance Unit

"Good value for money" Colonel Miltiades Petsas, Defence Attaché Embassy of Greece

"Useful source of defence information" Col Joseph Stevens, Canadian Forces Adviser Canadian High Commission


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