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Event Review

Indian Battlefield Management System

A Battlefield Management System (BMS) provides an integrated Common Operating Picture (COP) using collaborative planning tools for tactical commanders to make responsive and knowledge based decisions and exercise highly effective control over operations in a dynamic and fluid battlefield. The BMS programme has been un­der consideration by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for more than four years. Indian defence compa­nies, private and state-owned, have been invited to participate in the “Make Indian” programme through an Expression of Interest (EoI). The Indian companies will forge ties with overseas defence majors to ac­quire advanced technologies.The development of the prototypes is projected to cost about $67 million with the MoD covering 80 percent of the expense and the shortlisted domes­tic company 20 percent.The prototypes will be put through extensive field trials and the selected defence company will be asked to pro­duce more than 500 systems in India for an estimated $5 billion. 

BMS Highlights

BMS will be a highly mobile tactical command and control information system, integrated with sensors, weapon platforms and decision making tools.The system will provide common operating picture (COP)/Situational Awareness, to all entities in the Tactical Battle Area networked with secure, robust and reliable communication system supporting voice, data and real time video services.It will comprise of wearable/hand-held info systems with individual soldiers as well man portable and vehicle mounted information system, integrated through data enabled communication networks.It will generate COP by integrating all entities within the TBA on a common Geographic Information System (GIS) reference frame network and provide Blue Force Tracking (BFT) using satellite based navigation systems.

Building Blocks

BMS will constitute following sub systems.

•  Infrastructure-less communication and networking system.

•  Application server.

•  Database server.

•  Relational Database Management System.

•  Compute platforms (different form factors) embedded with GPS.

•  Integrated GIS.

In addition to all these building blocks the other important feature of  BMS is the Battle Command, ie, the art and science of visualising, describing, directing and leading forces in operations against a hostile, thinking and adoptive enemy. 

Aim of the Seminar

The aim of this seminar was organised to benchmark the architectural requirements for the BMS being developed for the Indian Army and to harmonise knowledge about BMS amongst all Services delegates.


The two-day International Seminar focussed on challenges in developing applications to support BMS, advances in the field of navigation and mapping technologies for BMS, communication infrastructure and data security, finding the right balance in form factor, weight, power and performance for the soldier and integration of diverse technologies.The seminar provided an opportune platform for the Army, Academia, Industry and eminent experts from India and abroad to exchange their views and ideas.  



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