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Event Review

Training Philosophy

As the Indian Armed Forces modernise and induct new platforms and complex surveillance and delivery means, the need to transform training philosophy, modify and improve the present training infrastructure and methods, introduce new training technologies to save costs and get better results in terms of skill sets and efficiency has never been greater. Over 50,000 young aspirants are drafted into the Indian Armed Forces every year and put through training of varying periods from 20 to 65 weeks. Over 1,500 officer cadets join four different colleges for commission into the armed forces every year. Thousands of officers undergo post-commission training in 40 different institutions. At any one time, at least 6,000 officers remain under training.


Simulated Training

The army will continue to be deployed for fighting in subconventional operations in the foreseeable future. Therefore, desired capacities have to be built into the recruitment system, training philosophy and methodology, training infrastructure in training academies, regimental training centres, divisional training schools and schools of instruction to produce highly capable officers and soldiers to meet the future warfare challenges efficiently. The most cost-effective methodology for training is simulated training. This creates a realistic environment to generate near-real responses to various contingencies as well as handling of complex weapon systems, without the need to go outdoors and use operational equipment. It also saves transportation costs and ammunition.


Sustained training and a better grasp of next-generation equipment with new technologies is required. Emphasis is on enhancement of technical levels, dual-trade training, multi-tasking and training the trainers. Modern methods of training are being introduced with enhanced use of simulators.



The Indian armed forces are building capabilities in virtual reality and wargaming, fields which are in their infancy. There is tremendous scope to partner with the Indian armed forces to build their facilities and build long-term relationships in all dimensions.



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