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Event Review

Night Vision India Conference and Exhibition was held at the Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park, New Delhi, India on 16-17 January 2013. The Indian Armed Forces and particularly the Army have begun to focus on night fighting capabilities with urgency after a recent review of capabilities and modernization by the Defence Minister.

The Army wants to rid of acute night blindness through a strong dose of third generation thermal imaging (TI) sights and night vision devices to enhance the night fighting capabilities of both infantry and mechanised forces.The three Services will spend a whoping $ 2 billion on enhancing night fighting capabilities over the next five years

The para military forces, charged with gaurding the borders against infililtration, are banking on procurement of long range reconnaissance and observation systems and all weather surveillance systems.

BEL Ltd supplied 30,600 passive night sights for rifles, rocket launchers and light machine guns, passive night vision binoculars and passive night vision goggles to the armybut the forces remain woefully short and are looking for the 3rd generation technology to reduce weight and extend the life of the NVDs.

Some equipment is being retro-fitted. Money is not a constraint, technologyis. As projects get delayed, newer technologies make it imperative to adapt the best and replace the old.



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