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Combat Vehicles India 2018

With the Indian Army making plans for the replacement of the T-72 main battle tanks and the BMP-2 infantry combat vehicle and in the next 10-15 years, through domestic development and manufacture, there is a need for users and industry to understand the thinking behind the users requirements and the latter's capabilities to deliver.

Keeping in perspective the vintage and upgrades planned for operating the existing fleet of T-72s and T-90s, the future main battle tank, dubbed the Future Ready Combat Vehicle (FRCV), a new generation, state-of-the-art modular combat vehicle platform,  is likely to see induction by 2025-27. The FRCV will be a fighting vehicle platform that will be required to conduct sustained continuous operations by day and night in all weather conditions in terrain and temperature ranges obtaining from the developed to dessert terrains as existing in the country.

Currently the T-72, T-90M /SK and MBT Arjun Mark 1 are the main stay of the Armoured Corps. Most of the T-72 tanks have lived their life and are under the process of being upgraded to extend their life till 2022. A replacement of the existing inventory of Upgraded T-72 after will be required 10 years from now. Considering the vintage of the existing fleet as also the discard policy in vogue there is a requirement of a new tank, which will fill the equipment void up to the next 30–40 yrs.

You will have the unique opportunity to interact and network with an audience of military, government, academic and private sector leaders with titles such as Director General, Principal Director, Program Manager, Branch Head, Project Lead, and so on with the following responsibilities:

•  Combat Vehicles qualitative requirements.

•  Combat vehicles employment.

•  Procurement.

•  Quality control.

•  Maintenance.

•  Interface with industry.

•  Research & development.

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The Centre for Joint Warfare Studies (CENJOWS) was raised at ..


Director General Mechanised Forces, Army HQ

Director General Infantry, Army HQ

Director General Army Air Defence Corps, Army HQ

GOC-in-C of a Command HQ.

Lt Gen Vinod Bhatia, PVSM, AVSM, SM, Retd, Director Centre for Joint Warfare Studies

Lt Gen Ashok Mehta, AVSM, VSM, former Comdt Armoured Corps Centre & School

PK Mehta, Director General Armament & Combat Engineering Systems, DRDO

Maj Gen (Dr) GD Bakshi, SM, VSM, Retd, former GOC Romeo Force.

Additional Director General Mechanised Forces. 

Maj Gen PK Chakravorty, VSM, Retd, former Addl DG Artillery. 

Commander Technical Group EME.

Deputy Director General (Equipment), Mechanised  Forces Directorate. 

Dy Director General (Armoured Corps), Mechanised Forces Dte. 

General Manager, HVF Avadi