Cobham Offers New Flexcomm RT-7000 Tactical Radio

  • IMR Reporter
  • 30-Mar-2016

Cobham Aerospace Communications has announced that it has begun accepting orders for its new Flexcomm™ RT-7000 panel-mount tactical radio. This new product joins the proven RT-5000 family of remote-mounted tactical radios, which stands as the world’s leading tactical radio for para-military and public safety aviation use.

The new RT-7000 panel-mount tactical radio embodies an evolutionary software-defined radio (SDR) design, with a modular architecture that may be configured and upgraded as an operator’s requirements and mission evolve. The aircraft will remain current and ready for action with AM/FM VHF/UHF, and P25 today, and TETRA, LTE, SATCOM, HD video, and more in the future. The design ensures that hardware investment is preserved as operational needs evolve.

RT-7000 features include: 
● Tactile and touchscreen interface 
● Modular, easily-upgradable design
● 29.7 – 960 MHz AM/FM P-25
● Trunking: P-25 Phase I and Phase II, SmartZone, SmartNet
● Connectivity for 2 external handheld radios for maximum interoperability
● Multiple embedded internal transceivers
● TSO/ETSO COM and display
● NVIS compliant - MIL STD 3009
● Best-in-class user interface, designed with operator input
● Smallest V/UHF, P25, 700/800/900 MHZ voice radio ever built
● Embedded relay, simulcast, and relay/simulcast