Astra Microwave Products JV with Rafael, Israel

  • IMR Reporter
  • 30-Mar-2016

Astra Microwave Products Ltd (AMPL) and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems have come together to forma private Joint Venture Company under the name and style of Astra Rafel Comsys Pvt Ltd (ARC).

The two companies have signed a joint venture agreement to promote and run ARC with AMPL and associates holding 51% and Rafael holding 49% equity stake in ARC and in future it may be owned 50:50 by AMPL and Rafael subject to regulatory approvals.

AMPL is engaged in design, development and manufacture of critical RF & BMicrowave Products and other strategic electronics sub-systems in India. Rafael Advanced Systems designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of high tech defence systems for air, land, sea and space applications.

ARC will focus on indigenous technology and Make in India programmes and will engage for carrying out productionj, integration, customisation, marketing sale and life cycle support and additional activitioes as required in the fields of Tactical Radio Communications, electronic warfare systesms and Signal intelligence systems