DRDO Demonstrates Tanks and Armoured Vehicles

  • Aayush Sinha
  • 29-Mar-2016

india's premire defense research institute DRDO displayed a number of combat vehicles developed by them for the Indian Armed Forces, the centre stage was captured by Arjun Mark II tank. Arjun is a third generation main battle tank. Arjun features a 120mm main riffled gun with indigenously developed armour-piercing fin stabalised discarding sabot ammunition.

One PKT 7.62mm co-axial mashine gun which was developed in Russia. NSVT 12.7mm machine gun which is under liscense  production in India after TOT from Kazakhstan. The tank can achieve a maximum speed of 67 km/h. The Arjun Mark I is in service with the Indian Army with 43 & 75 Armoured regiment & the Indian Army armoured corps.

Another demonstration was of an 8X8 armoured infantry carrier developed by TATA which is based on the Kestrel design.The armour is made up of applique and composites along with welded steels. Additional armour kit could be applied in heavy firing zones.
The 8X8 wheel configuration is set on a hydropneumatic suspension utilizing double wishbone arrangement. All wheels have run flat capability to allow the vehicle to move even after suffering punctures. The vehicle is fitted with 7.62mm gun that is from the BMP 2.  The 25-ton vehicle can be accelerated to a top speed of 100 Km/h, it has two propellers for amphibious operations.