Zen Technologies Unveils Combat Training Centre

  • 29-Mar-2016

Zen Technologies Limited, pioneers in simulation technology based training solutions, unveiled its 'Zen Combat Training Centre’ (CTC), an Integrated training complex configured to improve operational preparedness in both conventional & asymmetric warfare scenarios.

With the battle scenario making a paradigm shift from conventional to non-conventional battlefields, new training eco-systems need to be visualised and addressed with customizable training solutions. The CTC encapsulates a composite, comprehensive and flexible training solution to fully meet Individual and collective training requirements of combat units of the Indian armed and other forces. 
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Ashok Atluri, Managing Director, Zen Technologies said, “Zen Technologies has over the years emerged as the independent leader in the simulation vertical in India. With a strong portfolio of 30+ simulators and training systems we have connected all the simulators and training systems in a way that will give the end user a comprehensive solution to address specific needs. With the threat scenario varying from conventional to unconventional (Counter Insurgency & Counter Terrorism), there is a need globally for integrated training solutions which can cater to a range of scenarios concerning a specific region. It will be our endeavour to play a pivotal role in providing the required training tools to security forces to tackle and neutralize both external and internal threats”.
The CTC is not only designed to train sub-units and units in conventional warfare but also for asymmetric warfare-Counter Insurgency (CI) and Counter Terrorism (CT). Additionally, the CTC is flexible enough with a well defined open architecture to integrate training equipment and simulators of various global OEMs, making it a truly open and customizable training solution.
A CTC for an Infantry Battalion would have many features including, but not limited to, the following simulators/target systems:-
§  Infantry Weapons Training Simulator for small arms to hone marksmanship skills. Smart and Multi-function Target Systems are provided to test the soldiers on live firing ranges for accuracy and reflex shooting.
§  MMG, AGL, ATGM, 81 mm Mortar Simulators for support weapons training.

§  Explosives and Mines/IED/Booby Traps structured learning to train troops in handling explosives and mine laying activities.

§  Battalion Level War gaming Solution for validation of Operational and logistic Plans of Battalion/Company commanders.

§  Combat Training Simulation System for conducting live two-sided  (force-on-force) Tactical exercises, with realistic simulation of battlefield effects using sound, smoke and pyrotechs, generating effects of weapons’ firing and effect at target end. Results of engagements are accurately validated and all activities captured for the all-important After Action Review/critique.